Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure monitors come in two main types – upper arm cuff or wrist style cuff.  Both are accurate, so choose whatever type suits you. Most have the standard green-yellow-orange-red scale for instant indication of your blood pressure status when a reading is made..

If you are looking for a specific brand of monitor, our specialist merchant has these: Omron (our recommended brand for reliability),  Lifesource (A & D), Graham Field, Mabis

Upper arm monitors

Prestige Medical Healthmate Digitalpressure Monitor,Adult Large,Cuff Range,13

Prestige Medical Healthmate Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Easy to use, clinically tested for accuracy, arm circumference 13″-17″. About $55

Omron Seven Series Upper Armpressure Monitor,7.5

Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Shows last reading and current reading side by side, takes 5 data points for accuracy. Arm circumference 9″ to 17″.  About $133

HealthSmart Standard Series Auto Blood Pressure Monitor

 Healthsmart Standard series
Averages the last 3 readings, and has irregular heartbeat detection. Stores up to 60 readings. Arm circumference 12″ to 16/5″.  About $45

Graham Field Lumiscope Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

 Graham Field Lumiscope monitor
Has automatic inflation and deflation of the arm cuff, a pulse monitor, and comes with an AC adapter. Standard cuff of 9″-14″.
About $50

Mabis DMI HealthSmart Select Automatic Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With AC Adapter

Mabis Healthsmart Automatic blood pressure monitor
This has a large clear backlit display, and can record up to 120 readings. Two cuff sizes: 11″-16.5″ and 16.5 to c.19″. About $70-$75

Complete Medical Full Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor With 4 AA Battery

Complete Medical Blue Jay Blood Pressure Monitor
One-touch battery-powered monitor with 120 readings memory (with their date and time). About $41

Wrist monitors

Omron 3 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor | Blood Pressure Monitors and Kits

 Omron Series 3 wrist monitor
An accurate monitor which can store up to 60 readings.  For adult wrists measuring 5.3 to 8.5 inches around. About $49

HealthSmart Premium Series Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

 Mabis Healthsmart wrist monitor
Has an advanced LCD screen and also can talk the readings. Stores readings for 2 people. 5.3 to 8.4 cuff size.
About $60

Pharma Supply Wristpressure Monitor, Pressure Monitor,Each,404

Pharma Supply wrist blood pressure monitor 
This unit comes with a 2 person memory function and the usual colored risk scale. For wrists between 5.5″ and 7.7″ About $20