Magnifiers of all kinds

Reading magnifiers, Digital magnifiers, Magnifying glasses, Dome magnifiers Hands-free magnifiers and more, for low vision

Square magnifying glass

Magnifying glasses

Simple and inexpensive magnifying glasses. Easy to use and multipurpose.

Full page magnifier

Full page magnifiers

These hands-free magnifiers sit over the newspaper, book or magazine to be read. Some come with built-in lights.

Dome magnifiers

These have the advantage of not having to be raised from the page – you just slide them around. Illustration shows their use with stamps, but they can be used with text too. 

A bar magnifier for reading

Magnifying bars

These bar magnifiers or magnifying bars are designed for reading, and usually have a thin guide line embedded.

Hands-free magnifier

Hands-free magnifiers

These are designed to sit on your chest (a cord holds them in place) so your hands are free for crafts, sewing, cross-stitch or other hobbies.

Electronic magnifier

Electronic/digital magnifiers for low vision

There are various types of electronic magnifier, but most are designed for reading.

Headband magnifier

Headband magnifiers

Headband magnifiers leave your hands free for sewing or hobbies.

Magnifying sheets for low vision

Magnifying sheets

These inexpensive sheets allow easy magnification of printed material.